Selling Your Parents House to Cash Buyers

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Checking a parent at a care home is an overwhelming experience. It can be hard to determine whether parents need alternative or additional treatment. But after the decision has been made, there are a lot of things to be done. Having plans to sell their home will make an otherwise stressful time even more challenging.

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You and your family are likely to have many great memories in this home, and it’s only normal to feel nostalgic about giving it all up. Then there’s the requisite maintenance, coping with documents, and locating a homebuyer, making it tough to manage this process. You may question whether you should sell your parents’ house when you can put it for sale by the owner, or if you have a lot of other choices. You may wonder, “Can I sell my parents’ house to cash buyers? “Here are some ideas if you’re looking to sell the home of your aging parents.

Here are some Tips to Prepare:

  • Check with the bank to ensure there are no outstanding debts or obligations
  • Contact the Social Security Administration
  • Make sure you have necessary paperwork such as power of attorney to make decisions on your parent’s behalf
  • Check the state of the will if you are going to sell your parent’s house after a death
  • Discuss the situation with the rest of the family or other interested parties
  • Contact insurance carriers or other services providers such as home insurance providers
  • If you are to sell your parents house after death, check with estate planning or will planning attorneys

How Long Does It Take To Sell A Parents House?

Anytime you list your parents’ house up for sale, it may sometimes seem like it’s going to take a lifetime for the house to sell. Wanting to sell your aging parents’ home will take quite some time. Each circumstance has various considerations that vary the amount of time it takes to execute the final contract to agree. On average, a house can remain on the marketplace for about 90-110 days.

That’s if it all runs well with little to no obstacles. In other situations, it may take much less time based on how complex the documentation is. However, in several cases, it can take months or years for the property to be ready for listing due to overdue upkeep and house material. If you’re selling your parents’ house and you’re using a conventional real estate agent, be prepared for the delay.

When Should You Sell Your Parents’ Home?

From the viewpoint of real estate purchases, the safest time to sell a house is during the spring season. Spring is all about new stuff, and buyers are eager to start a new life in a different home. But that kind of timeline isn’t practical for everybody. Although deciding when selling your elderly parents’ home is an individual decision, most people usually sell their parents’ house when their parents are not able to live by themself. As a consequence, the property suffers from delayed upkeep.

Family Tips for Selling Your Parents’ House

Selling your parents’ house can be difficult, but the process gets better with a little support. The first thing you need to do is make contact with all the decision-makers in your family and determine that the right thing to consider is selling the building. When everybody has an agreement, you’ll need to initiate the downsizing phase to decide what you’re going to hold, move on to a sibling, or give away. 

Throughout that process, all prominent family members should be included. When the downsizing phase is ongoing, you may need to decide if it is necessary to classify the house in the current state or contact a real estate agent. Since this is quite an overwhelming process, many families prefer something fast and easy

Is Power Of Attorney Required To Sell Your Elderly Parents Home?

It is not strictly mandatory to get a power of attorney (POA) to sell your parents’ house, but it helps. If you don’t have a power of attorney, you’ll need them to approve and sign all the papers and legal documentation when you plan to sell the house. That is especially difficult to do when the parents are in failing health. If you’ve not been given a POA and need to, the right thing to do is speak to your parents and their attorney.

Selling Your Parents’ House to Siblings?


Some people wonder, “Can I sell my parents’ house to a sibling? “In simpler terms, there is no all-size-fits-all response to this question since each case is unique and has varying conditions. That being said, for the most portions, selling the house to a sibling is valid as long as it can be accepted for a mortgage. This phase can also take months to finish.

Using a Professional Realtor

As enticed as you may be to earn cash out of the sale, particularly if you have a few siblings to split it, let the experts help you out. Associate yourself with professionals, particularly if you’re planning to make some money out of the circumstance.

Employ a probate lawyer to assist with the multiple court filings needed, and hire an accomplished real estate agent. An agent is highly necessary if you and your siblings live outside the city and can’t be around to recruit workers to sweep up the home and repair it.

Should You Sell My Parents’ House For Cash?

Selling your parents’ house is frustrating. While there are many opportunities to do this, it requires time and resources to use a power of attorney. If you want your parents’ house to be sold immediately, then selling to a cash buyer is your best choice. By far, this is the quickest and least frustrating solution. You can also save money by not having to pay any realtor commissions or fees.

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Selling to a cash home buyer like Cedar Rapids House Buyers is the quickest and safest way for you to encourage your parents and loved ones to leave this difficult phase of life behind them and progress on. Cedar Rapids House Buyers is a cash house buyer in Cedar Rapids, IA. We’ve been buying houses for many years and have helped hundreds of homeowners sell a house fast.

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